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Introducing Space Balls, our #1 best selling sweet treat that has been taking taste buds to new heights! This once traditional hard candy has been reimagined into a galactic, mouthwatering experience that is sure to leave you craving more. Packed with flavor, this candy melts in your mouth just like cotton candy, delivering a burst of sweetness with every bite. Don't hesitate to try this out-of-this-world confection, because it's been flying off the shelves and we don't want you to miss out! Grab your Space Balls now before we run out again!


Size: 1.5oz (7"x11" resealable bag)

Space Balls

  • Due to the delicate nature of this product we recommend not selecting shipping for this product. We're actively working on securing new packaging to resolve this issue. Those who wish to have this product shipped do so at buyers risk.

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